Highly Moisturising Serum

Ingredients: TRI-molecule HYALURON ACID, HA-Tetr Aqua Film 4D, PryncipHyal SIGNAL10, hydromanil, niacynamid,

Skin Type: dry, dehydrated, lacking elasticity

How to use: apply every morning and evening to cleansed face, neck and neckline. Wait until it is absorbed, then apply the Solvea Hydro Hyaluron day or night cream. You can stimulate the skin and strengthen the work of the cosmetic. To do so, apply serum on fingertips and perform a gentle face massage in circular motions. At the end press points on the skin around eyes.

Result: Your skin is intensively and deeply hydrated and the appearance of fine lines significantly reduced. Appears to be smoothed and glowing.

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